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Cindy Stumme

Finding purpose in my own empty nest story

I’m a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend seeking God’s answers for the challenges of midlife.  As we all know, life doesn’t stay the same forever!  After 23 years of moving around the world with my U.S. Army chaplain husband and our four kids. . . the kids left the nest! 


My own experiences in the empty nest and midlife transition led me to make the needs of women at that pivotal stage the focus of my academic study and master's thesis. The result is my commitment to creating community-enhancing, evidence-based resources for women at midlife that are centered on biblical faith and lead to identity, resilience, empowerment, and future flourishing. 


I believe that purpose and meaning are lifelong pursuits, and that midlife is a transformational stage for everyone! So, while I’m transforming myself from a homeschool mom to a writer, speaker, and advocate for women in midlife, come along and explore what God has for you in your second half.  

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