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Midlife travel adventures

Guest post from Jennifer Donaldson at

One long delightful weekend away. No schedule to keep. No hangry kids. Just me, my husband, and a convertible. The memory stuck in my head and heart for years and fueled my desire for more adventures together. We ate and slept when we felt like it. We splurged a little and rented a convertible to drive to a wedding at the beach. We were tired and rejuvenated all at the same time. This little getaway amid a busy season of parenting was enough to whet my appetite for what travel, closeness, and connection could be like after the kids moved out.

My husband and I have enjoyed big and little trips in the last few years as our kids have transitioned out of the home. Some of our favorite adventures have been adding an extra week onto overseas service trips we were leading. We stayed longer and brought our work with us. We explored a new city in the morning, grabbed a late lunch and some groceries for dinner then returned to our lodging to work online in the afternoon and evening. At home, we have done a few local food tours and been introduced to restaurants we never thought to try. While some people like to get away from it all and others like a full schedule of entertainment, we often look for opportunities to be a blessing to others during our travels. For our 25th anniversary, we went to Albania and Kosovo to visit friends who live abroad. A trip for us. Encouragement for them. New memories were made. We are already dreaming about what kind of adventure we can plan next year as we celebrate our 30th anniversary.

If you are feeling stuck in midlife or fearful of this new transition to an empty nest, plan an adventure. Put a date on the calendar. Dream together. Go away for the weekend or at the least, get out of the house together. Visit a biking trail or museum across town or plan a day to go hiking. Having a plan can bring renewed excitement to spend time together. Do not settle for the same old routines. Get a fresh perspective. Make some new memories. Rekindle the passion, connection, and freedom you had as newlyweds. Discover new hobbies together. Plan a trip with friends with similar interests.

What’s stopping you from planning some adventures in the next few months? Money? Time? Priorities? Compare your calendars and block some time for fun. Make building new memories and spending time together a focus. It does not have to be fancy expensive vacations. A day trip to go hiking and out for ice cream. A free walking tour in a new town. A hobby class together. A personal day added to a work trip. Or maybe you do have the time and money for a big trip. There are so many ways to have adventures at home or abroad, and midlife is the perfect time for new experiences or revisiting old favorites. Having something to plan and look forward to makes us feel alive and excited.

I am thankful for a few glimpses of empty nest travels that got me excited for what was to come. We have had some crazy adventures together and plenty of fun, rewarding ones. You can read more about them on my blog here and here. Even in the crazy adventures we made the most of the moments because we were together! I am thankful I have a spouse who values spending time together and serving God together no matter where the adventure may take us.

What midlife travel adventures await you? Schedule some time to dream and plan an adventure together! Need some before/during/after travel tips? Read here!

If you enjoyed this topic, let us know in the comments section below and please share your travel ideas with us, too!

Jennifer Donaldson writes at where you can find her latest thoughts on family, education, home management, travel, and how to infuse them all with joy. She offers private online tutoring and coaching as well as downloadable courses on teaching techiniques, taming clutter, and more. Check out her printable resources here and her blog here.


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